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About Us


Stones Throw farm was established in 2012 by Scot and Josephine Stone, starting with only seven ewes to rear themselves and an interest in becoming self sufficient...
...the flock soon grew!

We are a small farm with a heart for good animal stewardship. We aim to inspire others to support local food producers, turning away from poorly farmed bargain meats from supermarkets and on to quality, locally sourced, free range products.

Two sheep in a field at Stones Throw Farm

We are based in West Sussex and all our pigs are free range roaming, at the foot of the South Downs on The Hooks Way, just North of Chichester.

Our fresh products come in chilled insulated boxes, and delivery is free within the Chichester area.

We believe that our products are better for the environment, better for you and better for your wallet !

Why not give us a try and see why our customers come back to us again and again. View our products and then contact us to let us know what you'd like to order.

row of pigs eating at Stones Throw Farm

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Scott & Jo
Scott & Josephine Stone


Stones Throw Farm packaging
Stones Throw Farm


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